Horses are huge fascinating animals. Most times, our earliest knowledge of them has to do with horse riding.  Beyond this, horses are good companion animals that create good bonds with their owners.

If you’ve ever dreamed of dream of owning a horse someday, here are 10 pet horse care tips and tricks you should take note of:

  • Horses should be fed roughages. When fresh grasses are not available, soft, leafy, green hay should be used. Mineral salt lick should also be provided.
  • Fresh and clean water should always be available.
  • If your horse is a working horse, supplementary feeding like concentrates and nutritional supplements like Omega 3 are required.
  • Horses need to be groomed daily. Brushing the hair and caring for the feet are vital component of horse grooming. The hooves needs regular trimming every 6-8weeks.
  • Daily cleaning of horse stalls and stable is important. Wet or messy bedding material needs to be changed regularly.
  • Horses requires dental check-up at least once in a year. Their teeth can evolve(overgrow) due to constant grinding and it needs to be trimmed down. 
  • Horses need a natural environment (a paddock) for exercise and play time. The paddock should be free from harm of any kind.
  • They are herd animals and should be kept in company of others. This is important for their mental health.
  • Daily exercise is needed for their overall performance and health.
  • Ensure you have a Veterinarian who attends to your horse in case of a medical emergency.