Ideally, you would not want to wait for an emergency to start searching for a vet where you can take your animal when it’s ill. Registration with a licensed Veterinary Clinic closest to you is important for the life of your pet and also to give you a level of peace and security for your pet’s health.

Reasons to Get your Pet Registered with a Veterinary Clinic

  1. Easy Access to a Pet Passport: Most Veterinary clinics offer a pet passport after registration. This pet passport contains all the necessary details of you and your pet. For your pet, information like Name, Date of Birth, Color & Micro Chip number is important for ease of identification. Also, all vaccination shots and de-worming tablets administered are indicated in the pet passport. Did you know that all pets are required to have a pet passport before they can leave the country?
  2. The Law: you as a pet owner can be criminally liable (in Nigeria, the Criminal Code) for failing to exercise reasonable care and supervision in respect of protecting your animal, which can include protecting its health. Having your pet registered with a vet is the first step you want to take in ensuring reasonable care and supervision is given to your pet.
  3. Easily Keep Tabs on Your Pet’s Health/Health History: Registration with a vet provides the advantage of having regular and routine medical check-ups for your pet and a consistent medical record as you would be using the same vet or veterinary clinic and professional care for animals.
  4. Unlock More Services: Once your pet is registered with a veterinary clinic, you get access to the clinic’s facilities such as boarding, reduced costs compared to singular visits or waiting for emergency situations that can be costlier, and so on.

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