Beach day with your furry friends is fun! Having them around can make your beach experience memorable and eventful. However, it requires some preparations and know-how to ensure the safety of your pooches. Anything that can harm you on the beach, such as jellyfish, sunburn, broken glass, sharp shells e.t.c. can also harm your dogs. These tips will keep your dog safe and let you have all the intended fun.

  1. Monitor your dog closely: The Beach is a home for all types of humans and animals. Ensure your dog is being monitored and does not stray away. If possible, have them on a leash while walking around at the beach. If you notice any abnormal signs of sunburn, red patches on the skin, vomiting, diarrhoea, or panting, take them out and visit the Vet immediately. 
  2. Keep them safe in the water: It is advisable to pre-train your dog to swim in a controlled environment before having them swim in seawater. A dog life jacket with a bright colour is recommended. Avoid the water if the waves and current is strong and high and never lose sight of your dog while at the beach. 
  3. Keep your Dog cool to avoid heatstroke: Provide your dog with plenty of cool and freshwater. Keep their activity minimal, provide a shade and avoid visiting during the hottest part of the day. If your dog seems tired and panting excessively, wrap up the activity of the day early and get him into air-conditioning. 
  4. Prevent them from drinking Saltwater: while at the beach, your pet needs to be monitored and should not be allowed to drink salty seawater. Hence, you need to come with enough fresh water for your doggy. Seawater, if taken a lot, can cause serious dehydration. Observable signs of having tacky, dry gums and thick, ropy saliva are common. 
  5. Protect them from infections and Parasites: a visit to the beach can expose your pets to loads of parasites and harmful bacteria that can cause serious diseases. Before visiting, ensure your dog’s vaccinations and parasite controls are up to date. 
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