Written by Farah Al-Khojai, Managing Partner of Pet’s Delight

Getting on your pup’s good side is not always as easy as you think. You may need more than just a pocket full of treats to sway your four-legged friend in your favor. After all, canines are quick to judge a human’s character, and that’s what makes them great guard dogs.
If you feel that your new family dog doesn’t seem to like you, the following may be the reasons why.

1. You don’t allow for play time

If you’ve given your dog a monologue about how he or she shouldn’t have chewed your shoes or your furniture – it’s over. Spare your pooch the long speech and practice prevention strategies instead. Don’t leave things lying around the floor and leave your pup some dog toys to play with while you’re not at home.
Dog, particularly puppies, go through teething that’s why they chew on anything to alleviate their discomfort. Also, your pooch needs to channel his or her energy so make sure to allow for play time. If you’re not there to watch him or her, you can set up a playpen so that he or she can play his or her heart out without ruining anything in your house.

7 Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn't Like You2. You have an angry tone of voice

Dogs may not speak human language but they can definitely pick up on your tone of voice. When you use a happy, high-pitched voice, canine brains become activated. If you greet your pooch with a cheerful voice, he or she would be more than glad to greet you in return.
As much as possible, don’t use an angry-sounding voice while speaking to your pup so that he or she will react positively and feel at ease around you.

3. You are insensitive to your dog’s needs

If your pooch once tended to come near you but you always ignored him or her, he or she may have felt neglected.
For instance, you may not have listened to the paw smack on your leg when your canine friend was trying to tell you something. Be sensitive to your dog’s needs and figure out what he or she wants as he or she may be trying to communicate an emergency situation with you.

4. Your dog is bored

Being always kept at home may have already bored your dog, and now he or she sees it as a luxurious prison. Walk your dog outdoors or allow him or her to run in an environment that’s new. This will not only stimulate his or her senses but also give him or her new experiences to eliminate the boredom he or she feels at home.

Once in a while, integrate something new in your pup’s life so that his or her day wouldn’t feel monotonous.

5. You displayed negative behavior

Your pooch may have seen you acting mean towards someone he or she likes such as another canine companion or a family member. This can make your dog get scared of you because he or she will think that you’ll release your wrath on him or her next. Punishing your dog is also not a good idea as this can have a negative impact on him or her.

Instead of punishing, resort to giving rewards for good behavior. Always be the pet owner who bears all things wonderful so that your dog will look up to you in a positive light.

6. You force your dog to interact

Forcing your pooch to interact with other dogs or people he or she doesn’t like will only scare the wits out of him or her. Even if you know that the dog or the person is harmless and there’s nothing to be afraid of, don’t push your pup to socialize. The more you force your dog, the more fearful he or she will become.

When it comes to your dog, always make sure to integrate social interactions slowly.

7. Your dog has past trauma

If your pup is a rescued dog with a history of abandonment or abuse, there’s a high chance that he or she hasn’t forgotten his or her traumatic experiences. Even when your dog moves in with you and is treated lovingly, the suffering he or she went through will stick with him or her.

Be patient and understanding with your pup, sooner or later, he or she will learn to trust you and move on from his or her difficult past.

Dogs are wonderful, loyal creatures who know how to return the love given to them. It may take some time for other pups, but as long as you remain patient, kind, and loving – your dog will soon open up to you.

About the Author

Farah Al-Khojai is the Managing Partner of Pet’s Delight. A passionate entrepreneur, Farah holds a Bsc in Government from the London School of Economics. She is always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop and grow the pet and equestrian retail and wholesale market in the UAE and beyond, and is proud to be at the helm of the first and the largest pet care provider in the market representing world-class brands including Orijen, Applaws, Hunter, Savic, Flamingo, Ruffwear and Rogz.