Is there a science to choosing the right pet for me, or do I have to take a personality test to determine my unique spirit animal? ?

You might have many questions in mind as you take the first step in acquiring your first furry friend, whether it is yours only to own or to share with family. In any case, there really is no science to it, it mainly boils down to what animal you like. The common pet choice in Nigeria is either a dog or a cat, and other cases, rabbits, and parrots are also quite popular. Some people also choose to have snakes!

How to Choose a Pet

Well, we have prepared a guide for you which are a list of factors to take into account when purchasing a pet for your home:

  • Environment – Are you living in a house or an apartment, do you have a garden, are there nearby spaces for walks?
  • Time – Are you home most of the time or out, do you have enough time and attention to dedicate a pet or do you have a lot of commitments and want less interaction with your pet?
  • Activeness – Do you like to exercise and live an active lifestyle or are you more sedentary?
  • Finances – Do you plan to have either a small, medium or large budget on your pet?
  • Expertise – How much or how little do you know or have experience in having and caring for a pet?

Depending on what you determine with this guide, there are various pets to choose from. Anything from low maintenance, inexpensive pets such as fish to high maintenance and expensive pets such as large dogs.

Whatever you choose, feel free to discuss with your vet regarding how to care for your pet. Some veterinary clinics such as Critters Veterinary Centre offer services that can assist you in your journey of owning a pet.