Pets are often exposed to different forms of accidents during the holiday season. The large family gatherings, visitors, and different festive decorations pose a threat to pets.

Some of the common holiday accidents and emergencies include:

  1. Gastrointestinal emergencies:  Feeding your dog new food during the holiday can cause stomach upset. Food containing high fat contents can cause pancreatitis. Overfeeding can cause food bloat, and feeding bones can cause obstruction or irritation.
  2. Holiday lighting: Pets, especially puppies should be kept from Christmas lights to avoid electrocution and burns. 
  3. Fireworks: Pets are very inquisitive and attracted to lights, when let loose with fireworks around, they can pick it up. This may lead to the fireworks exploding in their mouth thereby causing traumatic injuries, fractures, bleeding, and deaths. 
  4. Decorative ornaments: Pets can mistake shiny ornaments used for decoration as toys, many of which are poisonous if ingested. Ribbons and other decorative items can cause obstruction which often requires surgery to remove. 
  5. Alcohol ingestion: Alcohol will cause stomach upset with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. Beverages should not be left where pets can access and ingest. 
  6. Candle lights: Wax from candles can cause severe skin irritation and burns. 

It’s a common saying that accidents don’t happen unless it is induced. Ensure you keep your pets safe this holiday and avoid any form of emergency. If you will be busy keep watch over them, ensure they are safe in their crates or kennels.  Wishing you an emergency-free and happy holiday season.