Many paw parents have suspected that their pooches know when it is a holiday and they understand what’s going on during special celebrations. The reality is that they don’t! Rather, they have the cognitive skill to identify special events going on in the house and can remember when it comes around again. 

Dogs do understand patterns and they can recall previous similar events. Most times, they respond with the same energy and excitement because they could sense everyone is excited, they truly won’t know what it was but they are well aware it is not a regular day and they are in for the excitement.

Why do dogs seem to enjoy holidays?

  • More people mean more attention. With visitors coming in and out, that means they get attention from many people. 
  • Plenty holiday food also means your pooches get more snacks.
  • Some of the decoration balloons mean more toys for your dog to play with.
  • During holidays, you are more at home to spend time with your dog and they love it.