Owning a very furry doggy companion (a Lhasa Apso) I know first hand how tedious the business of grooming can be. The entire process just got easier with Doggy Lounge’s services.

The Doggy Lounge is a professional pet grooming center which helps to get your pet looking clean, healthy and adorable

Groomers at the Doggy Lounge specialize in giving your pet a unique treatment and experience, offering different styles of cuts and selecting that which best suits your him/her. To provide the best care for your furry companion they offer a wide range of quality grooming services.

Services include:

  • Baths with shampoo & blow drying.
  • Special baths & skin therapies
  • Dematting and de-shedding
  • 15-minute brushing.
  • Light face trims.
  • Nail trims.
  • Ear cleaning, hair removal & flushing (if needed)
  • Scissoring feet & pad shaving.
  • Sanitary trim.
  • Anal gland cleaning.

*Appointments are booked by SMS or phone calls (08181240263) ahead of actual grooming day*