When I tell people about the dog shows that I have attended in Lagos, they are usually shocked that dog lovers in Nigeria actually take out time to organise such events. While every dog show I have attended has been okay, it’s the Double Paws Dog Championship that stands out in my mind.

The Double Paws Dog championship 2012 took place at the GET Arena in Lekki Lagos, on the 26th of August 2012. There was a decent turnout and there were various dog breeds at the show. What stood out for me was how well organised the event was, the venue was spacious, clean and comfortable.



The show was rather entertaining as contestants were tested on different skills such as Obedience to commands, training, breed standards etc. The awards category included: Best Breed Standard, Most Obedient dog, Best in Show (Cutest dog), best-trained dog etc. Amazing prizes were given out, Dak Von Hause Terschek of Woofline Kennels was the first runner up for best (Rottweiler) breed.

Unfortunately, Double Paws has not organised any other dog show since the 2012 dog championship. I’m certainly looking forward to a show that will surpass expectations, either from them or anyone else.