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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Petmi?

Petmi (Ex Woofline Pet) is a space created just for pet lovers.  Petmi App is designed to help pet lovers interact and network; users can search for pet-related services, share special moments with their pets, chat with members, find useful resources, and advertise or purchase pets/pet-related products or services. Petmi app provides an all-in-one experience for pet lovers and owners alike.

How Can I Become a Member of Petmi Community?

Joining our community is totally FREE! Just visit the Google or Apple store, download our app, sign up and you are in!

How Can I Advertise on Petmi App

You can set up your shop single-handedly by visiting the ‘My Shop’ section of the app, upload your ad; which will be sent to the admin for approval. Once approved, you will be allowed to make payments after which your item/s will be displayed in the App Shop.  

Does Petmi Handle Payments & Delivery?

No, we don’t handle or bear any transactions or delivery between seller and buyer. We simply help to connect buyers with sellers.

Can I Sell/Advertise Puppies or Other Pets I Have For Sale?

Yes, you can. We have 4 packages for posting items to sell.

How Can Buyers Contact Me?

Once buyers see an item of interest they can chat with you directly through our app. You will be notified immediately after they message you. 


Can I Share Any Type of Content on Petmi?

Only pet-related content is allowed to be posted on the app homepage. Ads are also not allowed to be posted. Please read our community guidelines here.

Can I Advertise My Products or Services on Petmi?

Yes, you can Advertise your pet services or products on Woofline Pets at the ‘My Shop’ section. To find out more email hi@petmiconnect.com.


Can I  Delete My Account?

You can delete your account at any time by sending an email to hi@petmiconnect.com to make your request. Our Admin will have your account deleted within 60 Days.

In which country is Petmi Community available?

Although Petmi was created primarily to aid Nigerian pet owners/lovers, the community is open to other Pet lovers across the globe.

How Can I Contact Petmi?

If you have any questions or issues concerning our community please contact us at community@petmiconnect.com. For other inquires please send an email to info@petmiconnect.com.