I know it might seem like there are no options when it comes to you and your pet spending some fun, quality time together in Lagos. Well, the reality is there aren’t many, hope is not lost though. Below are some activities to enjoy with your doggie companion.

  • The Beach

    This can be enormous fun, I personally think that every dog loves the beach, there’s a lot of room for your dog to walk and run free. It is usually best to go early in the morning or in the evening, so the sun doesn’t bother your dog. It’s also advisable to have your leash at hand, in case you meet people with anti-dog attitude, or come across horses on the beach. It is important to pay attention to your dog at all times, only take him to the beach if he is friendly and well-behaved. Remember to have a bottle of water and your dog’s drinking bowl at hand (The sea water isn’t healthy for your dog).

  • A Car Ride

    Riding in a car with you can be a pleasant experience for your dog, although this can be nerve wrecking for other dogs, however with time and some training every dog comes to enjoy a car ride. You have to be careful not to feed him before the ride because dogs are prone to motion sickness, it’s also a good idea to restrain your dog depending on how well behaved he is.

  • Visit a Friend Who has a Dog

    This is a good way to socialize your pooch, I suggest picking playmates with similar age, size, energy level and play style.

  • The Park

    There are a few decent parks in Lagos, it’s a nice idea to take your dog for a stroll in one of them. Some parks require that you pay a fee to be allowed entrance with your dog. The park below is located opposite house of assembly in Ikeja.


  • Go for a walk

    This is the easiest and cheapest way to bond with your pet in Lagos, all you need is a quiet street. Walks give your dog the opportunity to sniff around, learn about his environment and develop good behavior (with your guidance of course). Walks are also a good form of exercise and help to release excess energy in dogs.