A Kong is a chewable toy made from durable natural rubber. It is often used for mental and physical stimulation of dogs while keeping your dog’s busy when bored.

Here are fun ways to use a Kong toy

  • Frozen Kong: A frozen Kong can be used for puppies when teething. During teething, pups have an instinct to chew and this sometimes makes them develop a destructive chewing habit. With a Kong toy, pups can chew on it easily with the freezing providing pain relief. 
  • Slow feeding: Some dogs gulp their food in a rush compromising their normal digestion and absorption process. You can fill a kong with a whole meal and your dogs will have to chew, toss, and nudge the kong to get the food. This will imbibe a slow-eating behaviour in them. 
  • Mental stimulation: You can fill up the Kong with kibbles or treats and use a larger piece of treat like a carrot to seal off one end of the toy. Your dog will get to do a lot of mental work to get the goodies inside. 
  • Manage Boredom: A stuffed or frozen kong will keep your dog busy when they are alone and prevent them from engaging in unwanted behaviour due to boredom.
  • Fetch game: A big-sized Kong toy toy can be used for a fetch game. Your dog’s familiarity with the toy makes it an ideal toy to fetch. 
  • Dental Kong: Since the kong toy is a chewable toy, you can lace it with your dog’s toothpaste, dog gel, spray or coconut oil and give it to your dog to chew. It will help to circulate the oral treatments and give your dog healthy gum and teeth.