Adult Dogs have the ability to hold their poop for some time till they have the opportunity to relieve themselves. However, there is a limit and when it is reached, they often have no choice than to relieve themselves where they are.

Healthy adult dogs can hold their poop for about 8 hours after a meal. Although, most dogs won’t wait 8 hours before they do their business if they are oppurtuned to. Keeping it in beyond 8 hours would cause your doggy discomforts. This duration also varies with a number of physical and physiological factors, especially the type of meal being fed.

In older or sick dogs, they can’t hold their poop for that long and would often need to potty more often than healthy and younger dogs. In cases of stomach upset inducing diarrhoea, there is an increased frequency of pooping and such conditions need urgent medical attention.

Potty training your doggo is the best way to control potty behaviour, even though you need to take note of how long they can hold it before an accident happens. Also bear in mind, constantly subjecting your dog to hold its poop for long hours is not healthy and can lead to infection.