Pet birds spend most of their lifetime in cages, though, there are different opinions on whether birds should be caged at all. The reality is that pet birds are domesticated and can live a healthy life in cages. They appreciate a cage that provides security, comfort, food, water, toys, and perches.

However, birds should not stay in a cage throughout a lifetime and should be released regularly. Pet birds can escape and never come back, so the room you want to release the bird must be birdproof. 

Keeping a bird caged 24/7 can increase the risk of depression. Birds are social animals and time spent outside their cage allows them to exercise, interact, and for enrichment. It improves their mental and physical health. 

The time spent outside a cage varies with different types of birds. An average of 2 hours for small birds and 3 hours for big birds is enough. In some cases, you can have your bird spend more time outside their cage while you get busy with other things as long as the room is bird-proof.

Here is how to bird proof a room:

  1. Secure all the escape routes.
  2. Remove poisonous plants.
  3. Remove sharp items and ensure the ceiling fan is not on.
  4. Avoid access to the kitchen especially during or shortly after cooking.
  5. Remove dangerous chemicals and cleaning materials.