Owning a pet is cool but it does come with some responsibilities. Before getting a pet, it is good to know what is expected of you as a pet parent for the good of your pet, yourself, people around you, and society. 

How do you become a responsible pet owner?
  1. Feed them well: this is not just giving them any available food but a proper and healthy recommendation for the age, breed/species of the pet. When not sure what to feed your pet, ensure you consult your Veterinarian.
  2. Keep them safe: Your pets should be kept in safe housing and the environment around them should be safe for them to roam in. Extra precautions should be taken in and outside the homes and poisonous items/food should not be within their reach.
  3. Schedule Routine veterinary check-ups: Pets should not only visit the hospital when they are sick but should go in for regular check-ups so they don’t fall ill. In addition, they should be presented for their routine vaccinations and medications. 
  4. Exercise them regularly: This varies with the species of pet, while a cat can exercise indoors playing with toys, a dog needs a walk or park to play. Exercising keeps your dogs/cats active and healthy, it is one of their basic needs.
  5. Socialize your pet: Dogs are pack animals and being able to relate with other animals and humans can boost their confidence and make them happy. However, if your dogs are not trained to relate with others, it can make them nervous or anxious which could precipitate unwanted aggression. 
  6. Dental health: Regular dental hygiene helps to prevent dental diseases which can make your pet uncomfortable and sick. Aside from practicing good dental hygiene with the use of dental treats and brushing at home, occasional professional cleaning is recommended. 
  7. Pick up your pet’s waste: Responsible pet ownership is not just between you and your pet but with the environment and other people. Whenever your pet leaves their gifts during a walk or at a park, do well to pick them up and dispose of them appropriately. 
  8. Give plenty of love: Your pet(s) deserves a reciprocal of the love they share with you. Your care, provisions, and love is everything to them. Don’t let them feel abandoned, instead, give them loads of TLC and snuggles!