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The idea of getting a dog and starting your ‘pet-parenting’ journey can be quite exciting; however, it’s not always an easy process to buy a dog in Nigeria. Getting a dog is a major decision, and there are many things to consider and be on the look-out for, especially when buying a pure breed dog.

In this article, we point out how you can get a dog and the things to consider before you buy a dog


Buy from a Responsible Breeder

If you are looking to get a dog from a breeder, you need to carry out some research and put some effort into finding a ‘good’ and responsible breeder, not a person reproducing dogs and selling them off.

A good breeder is somebody who breeds in order to improve the breed, breeds only superior stock, and isn’t in the business solely for the money. Here are some things that you can expect from a responsible breeder:

  • A quality breeder provides a written health record of your puppy.
  • A breeder must provide documentation of a puppy’s lineage.
  • A quality breeder will invite you to their home/place of business to see the conditions in which his dogs and puppies are kept.

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Import from Abroad

This option is typically for people interested in getting a rare or pure breed dog. It can be a very daunting process because there are different rules and conditions that have to be met when you want to import a dog into Nigeria, Likewise, exporting countries have specific rules and requirements as well, which vary per country. We have put together a post that has all the info you need to achieve this. Read it HERE.

Adopt from a veterinary hospital or Animal Shelter

How to buy a dog

Veterinary hospitals and Animal Shelters usually have pets that are up for adoption, so check in with your local vet clinic to find out. Alternatively, you can just join the Woofline Pets Rescue and Adoption group where pet lovers share stories of pets that they rescue and those up for adoption. Note that certain criteria have to be met by individuals interested in adopting pets from these institutions.

Things to Consider

Buying a puppy off random people who sell by the roadside is not the way to go. There are important details to know when getting a dog, e.g the dog’s health history, the sire and dam of the pup (to better understand his/her behavior), and so on.

What Breed is best for me?

A few things to help you decide on a breed:

  • Breed Size: The breed type you are considering has to be fit for the current space you have. If you live in a flat with no yard or outdoor space for example, it’s more appropriate to get a small breed dog like a Lhasa Apso or Pug.
  • Fur: This might seem like a minor factor to consider, but grooming can be a tedious task. If you know you have got little time for upkeep and grooming then you should consider dogs with short coats.
  • Energy Level: It is usually better to choose dogs whose energy level is equal to or lower than your own. Some breeds have higher energy levels than others; generally speaking Boerboels, German Shepherds, and Labradors tend to have high energy levels, while breeds like the American Bulldog and Chow Chow have lower energy levels. A dog whose energy is high will require more exercise and engagement than a dog with low energy.
Ask yourself these questions before you buy a dog
  • Why do I want a dog
  • Can I afford a dog?
  • Can my lifestyle accommodate a dog?
  • Is my home fit for a dog?

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