Pet birds don’t thrive with cold weather. Most pet birds such as cockatoos, and some type of parrots are exotic and are not fully acclimatized to the weather in their new enviroment. Cold weather situation can cause discomfort or health problems for your feathered friend.

These tips will keep your bird comfortable, safe and healthy in cold weather:

  • Keep your house (bird house) warm always. Avoid the use of air conditioner that is less than 20’c
  • If you are using a heater, ensure there is proper ventilation with good airflow.
  • Expose your birds to humidity during harmattan cold and keep them hydrated.
  • Feed your birds’ healthy and nutritional diet. Healthy diet with lots of vitamins are immune boosters and they prevent diseases.
  • Regularly change the drinking water to a warm one in extremely cold weather.
  • Consider using a cage cover to keep the cage warm.