When you want to House train your puppy there are three main things you need; patience, consistency, and reinforcement. The goal is to build up good habits and a loving bond with your dog. Usually, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to train a puppy fully, but some dogs may take six months to a year. This period varies in different breeds. For example, small breeds have a higher metabolism and small bladders. They need more frequent outside trips. In some cases, you may also require to change your dog’s old habits to build more desirable ones.

While you are training your puppy, you may face setbacks. But you should continue a management program some of which includes offering rewards and taking the puppy out at the first sign it needs to go.

When to start to House Train your Puppy

When your puppy is between 14 to 16 weeks old, you should start training him. At this time, puppies have enough control over their bowel movements and bladder to learn to hold it. If your puppy is above twelve weeks old, it may take a longer time to house train it. You can reshape your pet’s behavior with rewards and encouragement.

Steps to take to House Train your Puppy

Experts recommend confining your dog in a defined place, such as in a room. When the puppy starts to learn that he needs to go outside, you should give him more freedom to roam about the house.

While training your dog, follow these steps:

  • Establish a routine: Make a regular feeding schedule and don’t offer food between meals.
  • Frequent outside visits: Take your dog outside in the morning to defecate and then once every hour. A dog usually needs to defecate just after having a meal. So, take it out after meals and when it wakes from a nap.
  • Pick a spot: Take your dog at the same place every time to defecate. When he is relieving, use a specific phrase to remind him of what to do. Stay with him outside until it is house trained.
  • Reward: When your dog defecates outside, encourage him with a treat. A walk around the neighborhood is a nice reward.

Signs That Your Dog Needs to Defecate

If your dog is unconfined, circling, sniffing, whining, or scratching at the door, all these signs indicate that he needs to defecate. Take him out immediately.

If you have any other tips on how to house train a puppy, please share in the comments.