Parrots are susceptible to lice infection like other species of animals. It is more interesting that there are specie-specific lice that affect parrots. Parrot lice are small brown-coloured walking insects. They are usually seen walking beneath the feathers, although, they are so small that owners miss them most times.  

Signs of lice infestation include excessive scratching, preening, and grooming more than necessary. The feathers still appear normal but there could be a patch or baldness from excessive itching. To confirm your parrot is suffering from lice infestation, you will need to schedule a visit with your veterinarian.

Lice infestation is managed by delousing, a procedure that is recommended to be carried out by your veterinarian or a trained avian specialist. If you have more than one bird, treatment is recommended for all because there is a high chance the other birds are also infected. Avoid self-medication for lice treatment because the chemicals might be harmful and toxic to the birds.

After treating your birds, you need to disinfect the cages before returning the birds. This would help ensure there is no re-infestation after treatment. The birds should be moved out for some time after fumigation and should only be returned when there is no leftover fumigant in the house. You can also schedule your birds for a routine checkup and lice treatment.