Eye infections in cats make them uncomfortable and it can also be painful. It might start as subtle rubbing of the eyes, blinking, or discharging. Bacterial and Viral infections are common causes of eye infections in cats. Trauma to the eye or irritation from harmful chemicals can also make your cat uncomfortable which can result in an infection if not treated. See some symptoms below that make it easy to identify eye infections in cats.

How to Identify Eye Infections in Cats: 

  1. Eye discharges that could be clear, green, or yellow.
  2. Red eyes. 
  3. Excessive winking.
  4. Covering of the eye with a sheath (3rd eyelid) 
  5. Sneezing, nasal discharges, or other signs of respiratory infection. 

Most eye infections indicate something serious which could lead to permanent blindness if not treated. Being able to identify the slightest abnormality in your cat’s eye can increase the chances of recovery. If you notice any of the signs above, you should consult your veterinarian immediately. Self-medication is not recommended for eye infections, an actual diagnosis is required for proper treatment.