Contrary to the popular belief that cats are independent animals and they can survive without you, they are social animals demanding love and affection. Although they could put up a level of independence, they can as well learn to depend on you and be your best friend.

Check out some tips to make your cat more friendly.

1. Let your cat feel comfortable around you. Let him just have a space he is comfortable with. If the cat is new to you, avoid eye contact or staring at your cat. 

2. Let your cat comes to you and be free to leave whenever it wants to. Don’t force your cat into friendship.

3. Learn to touch them in their favorite spots. Their face, chin, cheeks, down the spine. Avoid the belly and tails. 

4. Provide food and water and feed them yourself.

5. Give treats.

6. Provide a comfortable sleeping space. 

7. If you want your cat to sit on your lap, place them gently on your lap and give a treat or food immediately.

8. Play with your cats every day (At least 10mins daily). Lack of playtime can build up aggression. 

9. Avoid harsh punishments. Reward good behaviour and ignore undesirable ones. 10. When your cat approaches you for love, touch, or affection, ensure you give it to them.