Only a few dogs enjoy visiting the Vet. Many of them dislike the visit and usually object with signs of unruly behavior, aggression, shaking, or salivating. It is important to know what discourages your dog from going to the clinic. Since you can’t explain to them in clear words why they need the Vets, then it becomes compulsory to find a way to make them comfortable and happy about going to the vet.

Find out some helpful tips:

  1. Choose the Right veterinarian and Hospital: Your dog is likely to make friends with the hospital staff and the Vets if they are cheerful and loving. Animals can also sense emotions of love and would like to return where they are accepted. Furthermore, your pooches deserve a Vet who makes them comfortable and is willing to work with them, irrespective of their peculiarity.
  2. Get your dog used to being handled: Some dogs dislike being handled by strangers and would always protest when they are being handled at the Vet. Some have preferences of where to touch and where to avoid, you can train your dog to be handled by people. This will make their Vet visit less stressful. 
  3. Give lots of treats: Most dogs love their treat. Give your dog his favorite treat when preparing, during, and after the visit to the hospital. You can give the treat at frequent intervals while at the vet. Nothing beats positive reinforcements. You can also have your Vet give your dog the treat so they can interact better. 
  4. Keep yourself relaxed and calm: Your dog can sense your emotions of fear, stress, anxiety and it can make them do the same. Even when your dog misbehaves at the vet, try to stay calm. Acting like everything is fine makes your pet comfortable and might adjust to that reality. Avoid yelling at your dog while at the Vet, it will create a bad memory of the visit.