It is a dream of every pet parent to have control of their dog and have them obey instructions, unfortunately, these furry friends sometimes seem to have a mind of their own and would rather act on their terms. Hence, the need for dog owners to train their dog to be obedient and responsive to instructions. 

Here are some tips to help your dog to be more obedient:

  1. Have general house rules that everyone in the home is working with. For example, if you don’t want your dog coming into your bed, ensure everyone in the house is doing the same. Contrasting rules get your dog confused and disobedient.
  2. Pick a single name for your dog and stand with it. Calling your dog multiple names will affect how they respond to instructions and commands.
  3. Housetrain your dog. Ensure your doggy has a routine schedule of feeding, potting, sleeping, e.t.c.  Let it be used to where each of these activities should be done. 
  4. Train your dog with basic commands and tricks. This gives your furry baby the ability to understand and obey commands.
  5. Reward your dog for every positive and desirable behaviour. This can be achieved with praises, cuddling, hugging, and giving treats. These memories are often tied to the behaviour and will always be repeated. 
  6. Ensure consistency in all your commands and actions.
  7. Allow your dog to socialize with people and other animals. This would prevent unruly behaviour when they are around others.

Generally, the best time to train your dog is puppyhood. Training an adult dog is achievable but might take a long time and the help of a trainer. Once your dog grows with the basic command and behaviour you want, they tend to be more obedient.