Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder associated with a dog being left behind by its owners. Dogs are companion animals and when left alone, they go through emotional distress and resolved to unfavorable behaviors such as barking or excessive whining, obsessive pacing, attempting to escape, chewing things, or digging holes. 

Causes of separation anxiety in dogs

  • Loss of a family member.
  • Leaving a dog alone for the first time.
  • Change in routines.
  • Change of ownership

How to manage canine separation anxiety

  • Have a record of your dog’s normal behaviors so you can easily identify separation anxiety.
  • Identify the trigger and make adjustments where possible. 
  • Train your dog to be independent before leaving it behind. 
  • Create a demarcated safe space for your dog.
  • Distract your dog from obsessive behaviors with toys and treats.
  • Consider medical therapy when necessary.