Pilling a cat can be a daunting task, but it’s essential for their health. Cats naturally do not like medication and you might observe them spitting it out or aggressively rejecting it.

Here’s a guide on how to pill a cat

  • Get everything you need together before approaching your cat. The medication, a blanket/towel, and some treats.
  • Ensure the environment is calm, quiet, and comfortable for the cat to reduce distractions and stress.
  • If your cat is not used to handling and struggles at it, wrap them gently in a towel or blanket but keep their head exposed. This will help to hold them still.
  • Tilt your cat’s head slightly backward, open the mouth gently and insert the pill. Ensure the pill reaches the back of the tongue.
  • Close the mouth and hold it closed to encourage swallowing. You can gently stroke the throat to aid swallowing.
  • Give a small treat or a dropper of water to push down the pill. Provide lots of reassurance and praise to your cat at this point.
  • Monitor your cat and be sure the pill is swallowed and not stuck or hidden in the mouth.
  • If drug administration proves abortive, consult your veterinarian for other options.

Giving your cats drugs will require practice and patience. You will get better at it and your cat will also grow comfortable with time. Always follow your veterinarian’s instructions for medication dosage and timing.