Dealing with a bird’s poo might be unsettling as a pet owner, but sadly, it’s something you have to cope with. The only way to successfully manage it is by potty training your bird. Although potty training a bird seems difficult and unattainable, I am about to show you how you can do it effortlessly.

Birds are social animals and can learn behaviours like other higher animals. The caveat there is that you need to learn what their natural behaviour is before you can alter it to your desire; this is the same basis on which you can potty train a pet bird.

Steps to potty train your pet bird

  • change in posture, restlessness, or as subtle as a change in how they look. 
  • Pay attention to the frequency of your pet’s poo.  Babies can potty every 20 minutes while an adult can vary from 30 minutes to about 8 hours. The frequency of dropping is highly individual. 
  • Pick a potty place and take your bird there once you’ve mastered the time and frequency of pooping. You can use the bird’s cage, old newspaper, or a garbage can. If you are using paper, you won’t need to move the bird, rather, place the paper under the bird when it is potty time. 
  • Repeat the process for every potty time and praise with kind words.

Training duration varies with birds. It can be as short as 72 hours and can take up to months. If you can do your part of observing your bird’s potty behaviour and schedule combined with positive reinforcement, potty training will be a walk in the park.