Birds are emotionally sensitive and they love to interact with themselves and their human companion. With their level of intelligence and socialization, leaving them all alone can get them bored and cause undesirable destructive behaviors

The following are simple ways to prevent boredom in your bird:

  • Play Music/Videos for them: Birds are attracted to noises and sounds and it interests them. Leaving a television or radio on and talking fascinates and entertains them even when they are in their cages. You can also download specific bird songs to create a playlist for your feathered friend.
  • Provide lots of food options: Feeding the same old seeds and pellets every day is boring for birds compared to the varieties of options they have in the wild. Providing an array of different vegetables, berries, seeds, nuts, and fruits gives them a healthy boost and gets them excited. 
  • Rotate the Bird’s toy: Birds get bored easily with the same toy and buying new ones may not be cost-effective. The trick is changing the positions of the toys and rotating them weekly. This breaks the boredom cycle.
  • Hold your bird regularly: Pet birds enjoy physical touch from their owners. Spending few minutes handling your feathered friend provides mental stimulation and excitement. Parrots are happiest when they spend time with their human friends. 
  • Teach your birds tricks: Teaching new tricks and the time spent while at it strengthens the bond between you and your bird and also improves socialization. The accompanying treat that comes with training gets them excited and happily looking forward to training.