Wood chewing is a common behavioural disorder in horses that can destroy fences, stalls, and other wooden structures. While wood chewing is a natural behaviour for horses, it can become problematic and expensive to repair.

Here are some tips on how to stop wood-chewing behaviour in horses:

  • Provide plenty of forage: Horses have the instinct to chew, and providing them with plenty of hay or pasture grass can help satisfy this urge and reduce wood chewing.
  • Provide toys and other distractions: Toys such as balls or treat dispensers can provide mental stimulation and distract horses from chewing on wood.
  • Use taste deterrents: Products such as hot sauce, bitter apple, or other taste deterrents can be applied to wood to discourage horses from chewing.
  • Increase pasture time: Horses that spend more time outside in pastures are less likely to chew on wood out of boredom.
  • Provide social interaction: Horses are social animals and benefit from spending time with other horses. Social interaction can reduce stress and decrease wood chewing.
  • Address underlying health issues: In some cases, wood chewing can be a sign of a nutritional deficiency or other health issues. Consulting with a veterinarian can help identify and address any underlying health concerns

By taking these steps, you can help prevent wood-chewing behaviour in horses and ensure a safe and healthy living environment for your equine companion.