Mastering recall, or getting your dog to come when called, is crucial for their safety and your peace of mind.  

Learn how to teach your dog to come when called in these 7 simple steps:

  • Get an incentive like a treat or your dog’s favourite toy for the training.
  • Use a distraction-free environment and stay away a couple of paces from your dog. 
  • Call your dog’s name using a positive and enthusiastic tone, followed by a command ‘Come’.
  • As your dog responds and comes to you, reward them generously by feeding the treat or letting them play with the toy.
  • Gradually increase the distance and add mild distractions as your dog becomes more reliable. Always reward promptly to reinforce the behaviour. 
  • Ask someone else to take turns in recalling your dog. Ensure your dog is rewarded and praised every time they respond to the call. 
  • Once your dog is responding consistently, you can Practice in various locations, ensuring your dog associates coming when called with different environments.

Consistency is key to successful training. Use the same command and reward system every time, be it treats, praise, or toys based on your dog’s preferences Avoid scolding if your dog doesn’t come immediately; instead, make yourself more enticing by crouching down or using an excited tone. Incorporate recall into daily activities like playtime and feeding.

Make each recall a positive experience, avoiding punishment. If they ignore the recall, avoid chasing them, as it may turn into a game. Instead, use a long leash to guide them if needed.
By making recall rewarding and enjoyable, you’ll strengthen the bond with your dog and instil a reliable response to the “come” command in various situations.