One of the fun tricks you can teach your dog is to roll over. It’s a good playtime activity that helps you bond well with your pet. Roll over trick is easily taught when your pet has learnt other trick commands like sit and lie down. 

The roll-over trick is more difficult than other simple tricks because it combines different commands, it is achievable with a series of training, patience and a handful of treats. Different dogs learn at an individual pace, it’s best to train at your own dog pace. You can practice on a soft dog bed, rug, or carpet.

Steps to teach your dog to roll over:

  • With the lie-down command, ask your dog to lie down.
  • Bring a treat towards the nose and move to the rib side. 
  • As your dog’s body leans to the side, give the treat in your hand. 
  • Repeat this a couple of times.
  • Slowly move the treat from the side and over the back to the other side. This would complete the rolling cycle and give the treat immediately after your dog roll over. 
  • Increase the pace of moving the treat from the nose to the side then over the back to the other side. Reward with the treat after every successful roll. 
  • Repeat and reward repeatedly.