Dogs can be overexcited when you are just returning home. They’ve spent the whole time waiting for your return, the moment you open the door they naturally rush out, jumping, wagging, and full of excitement.  While the warm welcome is a beautiful one, it can be dangerous especially if you leave on a busy street where there are lots of moving cars. 

These tips will help on how to train your dog to not run out the door 

  • Attach a long leash to your dog’s collar and tie it to a firm object close to the door. The leash should have enough slack to allow your dog to move around enough to get to the doorway. 
  • Put your hand on the door handle while it is still closed and give the command ‘Stay”. Be firm but don’t scare the dog.
  • If the dog obeys and stayed for up to 2 seconds, give a reward. Repeat this practice and slowly increase the stay time before giving the treats. Do these for days till your dog learn to stay when you are at the door.
  • Give the “stay” command and open the door but do not walk out. If your dog obeys for about 15 sec, reward and praise him. Repeat this routine for several days till he is used to staying when the door is opened. 
  • Gradually reduce the treats and start relying on verbal praise. Repeat the routines till your dog learns to stay inside when the door is opened. You can then remove the leash and practice without it. This training might take some time but with patience, your dog will learn it.