Loose leash walking means you and your dog are walking at the same pace with the leash relaxed. This training comes in handy when you are walking your dog in a public space and you don’t want him to be distracted or be a nuisance in the environment.

What you need to Teach Your Dog to Walk on a loose Leash

How to Teach Your Dog To Walk on The Loose Leash

  • Do the training in a quiet environment where there is no distraction. The training is preferably done on empty stomach.
  • Start walking your dog with a command prompt (e.g., Walk) and reward it with a treat immediately after it starts walking with you.
  • Keep walking to and fro in circles using the command prompt and rewarding.
  • Gradually start introducing the dog to an environment where there is a distraction with a loose leash. The distraction should be simple and increase gradually. 
  • Increase the distraction from moderate to high and repeat steps 2-4 again. 
  • Keep practicing in different environments and situations.