Pitbulls have a known reputation of being aggressive and as such have been banned from some countries. Although they have high energy and strength, they are extremely intelligent and learn quickly. What most people know about Pitbull comes from reports of dogfighting and attacks and while these reports are true, a well-trained Pitbull can be a good family pet.

If you own a Pitbull or have plans to get one, check out these tips that could help you train them to be good family pets. 

  1. Socialize your Pitbull Puppy early: Socialization from the puppy age should be a priority. Let the puppy get comfortable with a different types of people at different places. Let the pup be exposed to men, women, children and other animals. Early socialization is the most important part of a Pit bull’s training program.
  2. Use Positive reinforcements only: Pit bulls have a strong muscular body and training them with punishment never yield results. Rather, reward-based training brings an excellent outcome and makes them eager to learn.
  3. Train your Pitbull to accommodate other dogs: Pit bulls are naturally intolerant of other dogs. Hence, teaching your doggy to focus on you even when they are being distracted is very helpful. Commands like ‘Look’, ‘Stay’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Come’ are useful.

A well-trained dog will take instructions and obey you over any distraction or reaction to other dogs or humans. If your Pitbull is already showing signs of aggression, you should consider seeing a trainer. 

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