Who says celebrities need to be human? In this day and age, some of the most popular (and best) Instagram accounts don’t belong to people at all— they belong to animals. Yes, that’s right, animals! The world’s favorite photo sharing platform is rife with adorable and hilarious animal accounts— and some of them have more followers than some movie stars! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Maro (@rinne172)

Instafamous pets

Hailing from Japan, this kitty can be found cosplaying and eating her favorite local foods. Not only is she adorable, but she’s also a great teacher of Japanese cuisine!

2. Felix (@wanderlust_samoyed)

Instafamous pets

Explore Europe with cutie Felix and his humans, who all hail from Germany but travel on the reg. We love his happy smile and sense of adventure!

3. Marnie (@marniethedog)

Instafamous pets

17-year-old Marnie was adopted from a shelter when she was 11 and has become a celebrity in her own right— a simple Google search pulls up dozens of pictures of this Shih Tzu with major TV, movie, music, and fashion stars, from Betty White to Betsy Johnson.

4. Lotus (@lotus_the_mainecoon)

Instafamous pets

How statuesque is this beautiful Maine Coon? If the snow hasn’t already tipped you off, we’ll let you know that Lotus is from Scandinavia! Though born in Norway, Lotus resides in Sweden, and weighs an impressive 20 pounds!

5. Florence (@iamflorencethecat)

Instafamous pets

Florence may not have as many followers as some of her furry peers, but her creative photos shouldn’t be missed! Whoever said cats hate water hasn’t met this 17-year-old Burmese. We love the photos she takes at the beaches in Australia, her home.

6. Archie (@archietheminipony)

Instafamous pets

Cats and dogs aren’t the only fluffy friends on Instagram these days. Take, for instance, Archie, the miniature pony! He currently has over 26,000 followers— and that includes quite a few human celebs.

7. Cleo (@cleo_thebunny)

Instafamous pets

Cleo the rabbit lives in New York City—Brooklyn, to be exact. There, she lives with her food writer mother with takes plenty of adorable and entertaining photos. We love her eye patch!

8. Esther (@estherthewonderpig)

Instafamous pets

So cute you could squeal! Esther is a true animal celebrity. When her humans adopted her, they thought she was a micro pig and would stay teeny tiny. That didn’t go as planned! Instead, she grew to be huge— and beloved across the world! She’s starred in her own book, which was a New York Times bestseller, and now, the folks out in Hollywood are making a movie about her fascinating life.

9. Tibby (@tibbythecorgi)

Instafamous pets

Tibby is so popular on Instagram, she’s become an influencer! When you get pet grooming like that, we can’t blame the masses for loving her. Whether she’s helping fellow dogs find their favorite products, starring in funny memes, or making humans smile with her adorable aesthetic, she’s always hard at work and loving life.

10. Loki (@loki)

Beautiful Loki is perhaps Instagram’s most famous pet. Fondly referred to as “Loki the Wolf Dog,” this beautiful husky has two million followers on social media!