Jackie idimogu is an Imo State born Nollywood actor and producer, animal enthusiast, and animal rights activist. She’s spearheading the upcoming ACMS (Animal Cruelty Must Stop) March, which is to hold on the 28th of September in Lagos, Nigeria.

It’s the first animal rights march to happen in Nigeria and the aim of the march is to draw the attention of the government to the dormant Animal laws in Nigeria, in order to have these laws reformed and enforced.

We had a quick chat with her to understand what inspired her passion for the movement.

Animal Cruelty Must Stop

How long have you been a pet owner?

All my life… I have been a pet owner since I was 2 yrs old.

Tell us about your pets

I presently own 4 dogs; 3 males and one female. Their names are Arthur, Travis, Issey, and Rudolph. They are all toy breeds and the most well-behaved dogs ever..My babies like I fondly call them.

What Do You Think Makes a Good Pet Owner?

A good pet owner must learn responsibility; so many pet owners are very nonchalant about their animals. Before you adopt a pet u must be ready for the responsibility that comes with having one…Making out time for your pet is Key.

What inspired your movement against animal cruelty?

There was a horrible video I saw circulating on the internet, where a boy lit a dog on fire, it set a fire in my soul and that inspired me to call on other Nigerians to join me to take the March. The turnout and support have been great.

How Can People Be a Part of Saturday’s Walk?

If you are interested in being a part of the walk, meet with the other advocates at Dominos in Ologolo Osapa London Lekki, Lagos. We have branded shirts and caps for sale, if you can buy the shirt, please come in a white polo shirt. The walk is a very peaceful demonstration.

Are Accepting Volunteers and How Can People be a Part of Your Cause

Yes, every volunteer and Donation is welcome as we need all hands on deck, this is a March for us all not just me…The animals are counting on us!

Finally, If You Could be a Dog, What Breed Would You Be 🙂 ?

I will be an Afghanistan Hound; they are so beautiful, and gracious.

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