Dr. Jude Ale has been a vet doctor for four years; he studied at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta and has spent most of his professional career working at the Petcare Animal Hospital, Ikeja. He has taken care of our pets at different times and his passion for the job drew me to him, which led to me having a chat with him.

-What has your experience been like as vet doctor?

My 4 years of being a vet doctor have been good! Just as with any experience in life, there have been a few downsides but overall,  It’s been a beautiful learning experience especially under the tutelage of  Dr. Abiade.

-What do you love the most about your job?

I love to see the smile of clients restored once their pets have been properly treated; it brings an inner joy and sense of fulfillment to me.

-Do you have any pets of your own?

I used to have a female German shepherd, but I had to give her to a family member when work got more demanding.

-What’s your favorite animal?

I actually love all animals, Persian cats are super cool, and toy dog breeds are my least favorite.

-What is the most common health case you encounter in your line of work?

The common health cases I come across are tick fever, gastritis and a variety of skin conditions

-Can you please share with us any interesting experiences you have had as a vet?

There have been two interesting cases that I have encountered. The first was a case of a snake bite in a dog, the affected leg was in such a bad shape that we considered amputation, but we gave it our best and we were able to save the dog’s leg.

The second case was a terrible injury suffered by a dog that had gotten into a bad fight with another dog; his leg had been badly torn. Similar to the case above we almost amputated but we eventually got the leg back to a good state.

-Do you have any suggestions or ideas for pet owners on pet care?

Always ensure you’re patronizing an approved Vet and always ask questions on what to do from time to time to avoid costly errors.

-What are your future hopes for veterinary medicine in Nigeria?  

My hope for the future is that veterinarians will adopt the diagnose to treat approach as this will make the profession more ethical and reliable.

-What advice would you offer someone considering this career?

Passion comes first in this profession.