Rabbit’s teeth continuously grow throughout their lifetime, and it needs to be worn down and kept at appropriate length by daily gnawing and chewing. Overgrown teeth are one of the dental health issues seen in pet rabbits and they can affect both the Incisors (front teeth) and the molars (Inner teeth).

Overgrown teeth if not noticed and managed early can cause complications such as loss of appetite, trauma, or even death. The front teeth are easily noticed because of how they curve inward and stick to the lips. Whereas, when the molar teeth are overgrown, excessive drooling and difficulty chewing and swallowing are the signs to watch out for.

Overgrown incisors can be trimmed using a dog’s nail cutter but trimming overgrown molars requires a level of expertise. If you suspect your rabbit has an overgrown tooth, it is most preferable to get in touch with your Vet irrespective of how less severe it may appear.

How to Prevent Overgrown teeth in Rabbits

While it is impossible to stop your rabbit’s teeth from growing, you can prevent them from overgrowing.

  1. Check their teeth weekly for signs of overgrowth.
  2. Feed them food that is rich in fiber. E.g. hay, grass, & leafy vegetables.
  3. Provide them with lots of chew toys like safe blocks of wood and other rabbit toys.