Pets do not live as long as their human friends and deciding on a pain-free and peaceful death (Pet Euthanasia) is the kindest act for them when it is extremely needed.  Old age and chronic illness are major reasons for considering euthanasia in pets. 

Oftentimes, aged pets come down with different Old-age associated illnesses such as Joint problems (Osteoarthritis), Dementia, Cancer, Heart problems (Congestive heart failure), Obesity, and Kidney disease among others. Whenever your aged pet is diagnosed with any of these conditions, euthanasia is not the next thing; rather it brings you to a reality that they don’t have much time left. Euthanasia becomes a consideration when these conditions start affecting their quality of life and putting them in excruciating pain and discomfort. 

Euthanasia can also be considered in younger dogs following a traumatic accident that has caused irreparable damage to the organs or bones. Deciding to let go is a hard decision no doubt, but here are some conditions and factors that may warrant that you consider euthanasia for your pet.

  1. He is going through chronic pain that can’t be controlled by medications.
  2. He is recumbent and can no longer stand on his own. 
  3. Persistent and incurable inability to eat.
  4. Persistent and incurable vomiting and diarrhoea. 
  5. He has difficulty breathing and coughing. 
  6. He has lost the ability to see, hear, and sense his surroundings. 
  7. Financial constraint. 

After making this difficult decision, you can discuss with your veterinarian when and where you want it to be done. The procedure can be done in your home where you get to spend the final minute with your pet or at the Vet. Hospital. Before the procedure is done, if time and circumstances permit, you can spend some time with your pet and ensure every member of your family gets to say their final goodbye.  Deciding to put your pet to sleep will never be an easy decision, but it’s a compassionate one.