Remember that the popularity and recognition of dog breeds can vary by region, and what might be rare in one area could be more common in another. Additionally, efforts by breed enthusiasts and conservation organizations play a role in preserving and promoting these less common breeds.

Here are some rare dog breeds that you dont see everyday

  • AZAWAKH: An ancient West African sighthound bred as Protectors.
  • THAI RIDGEBACK: Originated from Thailand and was used for pulling carts, guarding, and hunting vermin.
  • KAI KEN: Originated from Japan and was used for hunting games.
  • LOWCHEN: They are also called ‘Little lion’ They are mainly used as watchdogs and are very alert. Their origin is debatable
  • DANDIE DINMONT TERRIER: Originated from Scotland and was used for hunting.
  • XOLOITZCUINTLI: Ancient dog breeds from Mexico and were used as protectors.