Cats are commonly known to be independent animals who can live with little attention, however, some situations make them seek attention from you. With excessive vocalization, loud crying or meowing, your cat is communicating its need for attention.

This attention-seeking behaviour can be normal in some cats, while in others, it could be a behavioral disorder or due to an underlying medical condition. It is important to know what your cat’s normal behaviour is so you can easily detect when something goes wrong.

Reasons for attention-seeking behaviours in cats:

  • Need for more human attention: The cat will regularly paw your arm and walk in a figure 8 pattern in between your legs. You will need to schedule a time to spend with your cat. If there is only one cat in the house, you can consider getting another cat as company.
  • Begging for food and treats: Some cats are addicted to begging for your food and treat and they vocalize to get your attention. You can get them cat treats to give occasionally.
  • They want a cat-human chat: Some cats like Siamese and Oriental breeds are known for their Insistent meowing. They meow back to you when you talk to them.
  • If a cat that is usually quiet starts meowing excessively, it could be a sign of discomfort or pain. You will need to schedule a visit to the Vet for an examination.
  • Pica: Pica is a condition of eating non-food items. This behaviour includes wool sucking or chewing of fur or other objects. It is quite common with kittens that are weaned prematurely.
  • Stress and anxiety will make your cat seek attention: Stressors can be a recent move, a new pet, a newborn baby, sickness of the owner or a cohabiting cat.