This one is for the Rottweiler owners in Ibadan! The Rottweiler Dog Walk themed ‘Power and Love’ is taking place on the 12th of October at 7am prompt. The walk route will be through the 2nd Gate Fire (after Agodi Gardens) to Ibadan North Local Government.

Rottweiler Dog Walk

See the rules for partaking in the walk below, it’s important that everyone attending adheres to these rules:

Rules and Regulation of the Maiden Edition of Pacesetter Rottweiler Club Rottweiler Dog walk

  • The only acceptable breed to be allowed for the dog walk will be ROTTWEILERS.
  • Handlers should ensure that they bring along strong leashes, collars or preferably Choke chains.
  • Handlers should be properly dressed(Jeans, tees, sneakers, joggers, sweatshirts, Chinos), etc.
  • Female Rottweilers on HEAT shall not be allowed to participate in the dog walk
  • All Rottweilers coming for the walk shall be inspected by our medical personal if they are fit to participate in the walk
  • Overly Aggressive Rottweilers shall not be permitted to participate in the walk
  • There shall be a respect of distance between each handler to prevent any form of misconduct
  • Leashes shall be held short and not free-flowing
  • Handlers should ensure proper conditioning of their dogs before the event

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