Ths Royal Canin Dog Walk is taking place on the 1st of October, in Kwara State. Starting at the Kwara State Ministry of Works and ending at Succoth Valley Garden.
If you are interested in attending with your dog please check out some of the rules in place, it’s important that every dog owner adheres to these rules. The event is FREE for all, see the full details in the image below.

Rules for attending the Royal Canin Dog Walk

• All dogs must be socialized : We look forward to a safe and an aggression free environment. We want dogs that are able to mingle with people and other dogs freely. If your dog is aggressive and uncontrollable we advise you don’t bring the dog to the walk.

All dogs must have a leash and collar on: It is important we purchase these in advance. If you already have some, please ensure they are still ok and will not snap when a dog lunges.
We will have some quality collars, leashes and harnesses for sale at a discounted price on that day. But it is advisable to purchase them in advance from your local store.

Unsocialized dogs must be muzzled: If your dog is not socialized, we will rather prefer you don’t bring them, especially if they are big dogs. However, if you are sure you can control them, pls be sure to put a muzzle (mouth guard) on the dog. Again, it will be good to have this handy before the 1st if October. We will also have a few for sale (at a discount) on that day.

Please ensure that you and your dog are able to participate: This is about 20 to 30 minutes walk (about 3.5km): Please prepare physically and mentally for it.
If you’re on any medication (eg high blood pressure medication) please do not forget to take them. We will provide refreshments at the end of the walk but please bring your water if you will need some during the walk.
If you are unsure about your agility for this walk, it is advisable not to participate. Pregnant women may not participate.

Pregnant female dogs are not allowed to participate. This exercise may be too much for the mum/her pups.

Dogs on heat (Estrus) are not allowed to participate. They will be a distraction to other dogs, especially male dogs

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