Seizure is an unusual movement of the body due to an abnormality in the brain. It could make the whole body convulse or just affect a part of the body. Seizure is not a disease but rather a sign of a disease. 

Common symptoms of seizures in dogs include running in circles, twitching, drooling, biting, stiff muscles, sudden fall to the floor, or being unconscious. Seizures come in episodes with each episode lasting for about 3 minutes. If you notice a sign of seizure in your pet, you should visit the hospital and have your dog examined. 

Causes of Seizure in dogs:

  1. Idiopathic seizure: It is the most common seizure in dogs with an underlying genetic involvement.
  2. Epilepsy.
  3. Heat exhaustion/heat stroke.
  4. Low blood sugar levels.
  5. Tumours.
  6. Liver disease. 

What to do if your dog has a seizure:

  1. Remove objects or structures that could cause harm around your dog. Keep him away from stairs, cushion his head and gently comfort and hold him till he returns to consciousness.
  2. Take note of how long the seizure lasted. This will help your Veterinarian in diagnosis. When in doubt of what’s happening to your dog, you can record the episode to show your Vet.
  3. Seizures lasting more than 3 minutes can cause overheating. Try cooling with a wet towel and get to the vet as soon as you can. 
  4. Multiple continuous episodes of seizures require immediate medical attention.