Potty training your puppy requires commitment, consistency, and patience. It takes about 4-6 months to potty train a puppy and up to a year in some breeds, hence the need for consistency and patience. Potty training for puppies should start as early as 3 months

Easy Tips To Potty train your puppy Include

  • Establish a regular feeding schedule. 
  • Pick a bathroom spot. 
  • Take the puppy out first thing in the morning, once every 30minutes to 1 hour. Immediately after a meal, a nap, or before bed, the puppy should be taken outside or to your chosen spot.  
  • Be consistent with the spot picked for your dog’s business.
  • Stay with the puppy when they are outside doing the business.
  • Remove your puppy’s water and food dish before bed. 
  • Reward with a treat every time your puppy eliminates outside. 
  • Regularly supervise your puppy and when you can’t, confine them in a crate to restrict their movement. 
  • Whenever you will be unavailable, arrange with someone responsible to help with the routines.

Setbacks in Potty training your puppy 

It is not unusual for accidents to happen during training, this could be due to incomplete house training, change of environment, or medical condition. In such cases, without drama, take the pup outside at the bathroom spot to finish up there and ensure to reward after. Don’t punish your dog during these setbacks, punishing him when he soils the house will make him afraid and confused about their training. 

Clean up the soiled area thoroughly such that the dog can’t pick up the scent of their urine or poo from that spot. As much as possible, keep your puppy confined in a space or on a leash, this would prevent chances of accidents happening too often. Once your puppy starts eliminating frequently in the house, they get confused and it makes the training more difficult to achieve.