Dog intelligence comes in various forms. There is working intelligence (learning to follow commands), Adaptive intelligence (Figuring stuff out), and Instinctive intelligence (Innate talent). Other less commonly classified intelligence includes Spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, and more.

While some dogs are naturally bred to herd, hunt, or retrieve, some are primarily raised to guard and they tend to learn faster when trained in that line. Generally, dogs are classified as being smart based on their ability to follow commands, figure things out, and their innate ability. Check out the list of some of the smartest dog breeds below.

The Top 14 Smartest Dog Breeds

  1. Border collie.
  2. Papillon.
  3. Poodle.
  4. Rottweiler.
  5. German shepherd.
  6. Australian Cattle dog.
  7. Golden Retriever.
  8. Welsh Corgi.
  9. Doberman pinscher.
  10. Miniature Schnauzer.
  11. Shetland sheepdog.
  12. English Springer Spaniel.
  13. Labrador retriever.
  14. Belgian Tervuren. 

Beyond the intelligence roll of honour, most dogs can learn basic commands although their assimilation and response differ based on their intelligence. So when choosing a pet it should not only be based on whether it is one of the smartest dog breeds but choosing a breed that best suits your needs and family.