Choosing between a dog or a cat can be a difficult one for many potential pet owners. Although dogs and cats are close family relations, they have differences that would put specific responsibilities on their owner. Considering that pet ownership is a long-term commitment, pets should not be acquired on impulse to avoid regrets. 


Housing Conditions

Cats and dogs can stay either indoors or outdoors, however, keeping cats indoors is a safer option. A lot of things can go wrong if you let your cat stay outdoor; harsh weather conditions, trauma, accidents, and fights with stray cats. Unlike dogs, they need a large space area to roam about, run and play. If kept indoors, they need to be monitored due to their hyperactive nature.  

Training and housebreaking

Cats are not used to taking instructions from anyone which makes them difficult to train. Dogs are easier to train because they are used to having a pack leader. However, it is easier to housebreak a cat provided there is a litter box, unlike dogs. 

Food and eating habits

Dogs and cats are both carnivores but dogs can still survive on a meal of vegetables (although survival does not mean well-being) while cats need meat solely to survive. Dogs eat bigger-sized food at once while cats eat less per meal with many meals per day. 


There is no contest if you need a pet for security; dogs are the perfect candidate to secure your home and property. They have a sense of detection and their barks are helpful to alert you. Cats are not as brave as dogs and when there is danger, they will be the first ones to escape. 


Studies have shown that the average cost of maintenance (i.e. feeding, grooming, and medicals) of small, medium, or large breeds of dogs is more expensive than cats.

Social Upkeep and time

Dogs are social animals who constantly look up to their owners to bond with them and for companionship. As a dog owner, be prepared to spend time with your pet and even cancel some schedules. On the other hand, cats are independent animals and they can survive on their own with little attention. Generally, if you are out for an active, fun, sociable, and energy-draining pet, go for dogs. For an easy-going, stress-free, and quiet pet, get a cat.