Over several months, we have had people from different parts of Nigeria reach out to us in search of a puppy, a stud to mate their dog, someone trusted to give their pet to for adoption and so many other requests. Because of this, we were inspired to build a platform that allows pet lovers/owners to connect with one another for mutually beneficial purposes.

Think of our community like a mini Facebook for Pet lovers; a social networking platform created solely for pet lovers (not just owners). As a member, you can share content (videos and photos of you & your pets), add friends, message friends privately, share knowledge, see what other members are posting and so on.

Woofline Pets Community allows you to build an extensive profile page where you can post pet skills you have, projects you are working on, services you render, create a gallery for your pets and so on.

In summary, here are some of the many benefits of being a member of Woofline Pets Community:

  1.   Connect:  You get to connect with other pet lovers for any of the following purposes: to find a mate for your pet, find a puppy, connect with people who might be looking to adopt a dog, put up your dog for adoption, interact with dog breeders, and more.
  2.   Showcase Your Pets: Create a beautiful gallery of your pets and share your day to day experience with them.
  3. Share Knowledge and organize events: Share knowledge of your skills in animal care & development with other members of the community.
  4. Get Tips from Experts in the Industry: Join any of the groups that we have carefully created to help you through your pet care journey.

Also, you get to learn from other members of the community about their personal experience raising pets, pet care, training, photography and so on. 

The best part of the news;

Becoming a member of our community is totally FREE. In our quest to make life better for pets by allowing their humans to have access to necessary information, we felt it important that every animal lover has easy access to our platform.

Our community isn’t only open to pet owners, but also pet lovers who are aspiring to be owners at some point. 

Getting Started On Woofline Pets Community

To enjoy all of these benefits, simply sign-up HERE for free, set up your profile page, search for members you know to start your friends’ list and invite other pet lovers you know to join. You’ll be part of the biggest online pet community in Nigeria before you know it!