If you have been a part of our journey from inception, you would know that one thing we like to do is listen to feedback and continuously improve our platform to make your experience more pawsome! It goes without saying then that our users’ experience is at the core of everything that we do. On the off chance that you are not aware, We launched an app built solely for pet lovers in February of this year.

Pet lovers who sign up to our platform are able to share photos of their pets, chat with other pet lovers, ask pet care questions and have them answered by vet doctors or other members, search for pet services, and so on. Since the launch of our app, we have been able to garner over 7,000 members within our community, making us the largest online platform for pet owners and lovers in Nigeria. It’s also worth noting that we have members from different parts of the world using our app.

Previously, Woofline Pets catered to only dog lovers, but we have chosen to widen our range to accommodate other pet owners and we wanted our brand to reflect that therefore the need to transition to Petmi. Pet Mi means ‘My Pet’ in Yoruba, the native language of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. And we thought it perfectly fitting for our platform. On the Petmi app, users can now find resources for all kinds of pets such as cats, birds, bunnies, and so on. We are confident that this change will better every user’s experience and bring pet lovers from everywhere closer for mutually beneficial purposes.

We have also updated our app features with pet business owners in mind. As a pet business owner, you can now meet your customers where they are, with our app, businesses can advertise pets, pet products, or services at affordable package rates. Ads will be displayed in the Shop section which allows customers to directly reach out to business owners, this makes Petmi both a social media platform and marketplace for pet lovers. To make things easier we have created a FREE trial for first-time sellers.

We hope you have the best time on the Petmi app, please remember to share and invite other pet lovers to join our community, the more the merrier 🐶!

You can access the Petmi app on both the Google Play and Apple Play Stores. We are also accessible on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.