While surfing through the internet, I stumbled upon this amazing breed of dog; they are called Komondor or Hungarian Sheepdog, they are sometimes referred to as ‘Mop Dogs’ although in my opinion they look more like ‘dreadlocks dogs’.

Photo Credit: dogbreedplus.com

I have read that the Komondor is built for guarding livestock. While it’s coat is now admired for it’s unusual appearance, it evolved for practical reasons; for protection against the elements and from teeth and claws of wolves and bears as it protects its flock.


As puppies they have soft fluffy coats, as they mature the Komondor’s coat thickens and becomes corded. Grooming for this breed can be very tedious, there’s always the choice of clipping the coat short though. All in all I find them interesting, I wonder if there is any of this¬†breed in Nigeria. If anyone knows a person who owns a Komondor, please share.

Photo Credit: dogbreedplus.com