Adopting a pet can be very exciting and sharing our lives with them brings much joy. Be it a four-legged pet or a winged pet, they give us companionship, loyalty, unconditional love, and acceptance. 

Pet ownership is an important decision and if you are considering adoption, there are a few things you need to know before making the decision. 

  1. Financial capability: Financial responsibilities of pet ownership include food, grooming, toys/treats, routine veterinary visits, cat litter, and Cages/Crates/Kennel among others. If you will be adopting a pet, you need to be aware of these expenses and be sure you can afford them.
  2. Adequate Space and Accommodation: The type of pet you are adopting will determine the space it needs.  While a cat and other small animals need a smaller space, dogs might need a yard to play. The availability of a comfortable space should be a major consideration before adopting a pet. 
  3. Do you have anyone allergic to animals in your home?: People react to different things including pets. Before adopting a pet, find out if no one reacts to pets in your house. 
  4. Do you have other pets at home and will they get along?: If you currently have a pet, it is advisable to take your current pet to the shelter home to see if they will get along well before bringing the adopted pet to the house. 
  5. Can you have a pet where you live?: Be certain that your residing authority permits the keeping of the type of pet you want to adopt.  
  6. Do you have enough time? One of the responsibilities of pet ownership is having time for your pet. You will need time and patience to train your adopted pet, take them on a walk/exercise (if needed), clean them up, feed them and provide care when needed. It is better not to adopt a pet than to bring one in and not have time for him. 

Adopting a pet is a responsibility that you need to be ready for. A pet is better off at a shelter home or with the previous owner than in a house where he is not catered for. Ensure you are ready before adopting a pet.